October 2024

Architecture of the Russian PPP Week 2021

Measures to support infrastructure projects: branch-specific and universal mechanisms (National Wealth Fund, infrastructure loans, national projects and state programs)
Sustainability and ESG principles in infrastructure projects
Prospects for participation of international financial institutions in infrastructure development in Russia
Approaches to assessment and monitoring of contingent liabilities in PPP projects
Small and medium businesses in PPP projects: untapped potential
Digitalization of the investment and construction process: from project structuring to operations monitoring
Key legislative trends in infrastructure development and PPP in 2020/2021
Amending concessions and PPP agreements during the implementation phase: how to avoid it and what should be taken into account?
Infrastructure bonds and other effective instruments for comprehensive regional development
Secondary transactions in the infrastructure market – a new trend or an obvious need?
Technical aspects in PPP projects: how to lay the foundation for a successful project at the start?
IPPA and SPIC 2.0: obligations, terms and responsibilities
Utility concessions: investment in waste, water, gas and heating
Investment in passenger transport: from high-speed trams to cable cars
School construction program: results of the two selection rounds for the federal aid
PPP campuses: how to match the needs of the regions and the legislative options?
Constraints to attracting investment and implementing PPP projects in tourism
PPP in healthcare: state responsibility, investor risks, and public demand
Sporting achievements: how has the proactive attitude of the federal regulator boosted the number of regional PPP projects?
Roadshows to present projects under the Regional PPP Support Program implemented by VEB.RF and the National Center for Public Private Partnership
Urban investment: from individual PPP projects to an integrated approach to infrastructure development
PPP in the Far East: priority sectors and new mechanisms for accelerated project launch
Moscow is a pilot region for testing new forms of interaction with investors
Leading regions in infrastructure development based on PPP principles. Traditional experience sharing session
How can PPPs improve the quality of life in monotowns (single-industry towns) and what role can backbone enterprises play in this?
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