October 2024



In order to ensure the implementation of infrastructure projects using PPP mechanisms it is necessary to coordinate efforts of the professional community, central and local government authorities.

To this end, it was decided to set up the Public-Private Partnership Development Center in 2009 with the support of major financial institutions, businesses and experts.

In order to develop a consolidated position and share the professional community's experience the Center has the Community, Expert, Regional and International Councils.

Mission Statement: - To bring together public and private resources, consolidate the expert community in the field of public-private partnership, in order to secure investment and provide competencies for the development of public infrastructure.

Key objectives:

  • Providing support to regional administrations and municipalities in developing and managing PPP projects
  • Development of legislation related to PPP and investment activities at the federal and regional levels
  • Staff training as part of educational programs in collaboration with Russia's leading institutios of higher education
  • Provision of relevant information on the development of infrastructure and PPP.
  • Conducting scientific and market research to meet the needs of private companies and public authorities
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